Who We Are


– Besides a bunch of nerds –

We’re Building Community Through Board Games

Our goal is to grow a vibrant and inclusive community where board gaming is embraced to foster strong social connections and nurture critical thinking.

D.I.C.E. Values


We’re dedicated to fostering interpersonal development through board gaming experiences. Board games provide valuable chances to improve critical thinking, collaboration, and decision-making abilities. As advocates for ongoing learning, we offer resources, guidance, and support to our members and community.


Inclusion is at the heart of our mission, creating a safe and welcoming environment where all are empowered to express themselves and connect. We value individuals from various backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs. Our commitment to diversity enriches our community and fosters a tapestry of perspectives that enhances every experience we share.


We foster camaraderie and teamwork among members, forming a supportive network where friendships thrive. Our routine community events, gatherings, and game nights offer chances for socializing and networking. We appreciate each member’s input, striving to create an energetic and connected community where all are valued and supported.


We put fun, laughter, and creating lasting memories at the forefront of our mission. While we appreciate healthy competition, our goal is to provide a fun environment where everyone can enjoy playing games together. We’ve curated a quality selection of games, ensuring our members and community can enjoy a wide range of delightful experiences.

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Our Board & Members

Cameron Iwan

President & Founder

Rachael Blaske

Vice President

Erin Butler



Ross Bartels


Nate Welch

Board Director

Aubrey Crooks

Board Director


Michelle Seiter

Board Director


Brian Welch

Board Director

Gaming Project Members

Ken Versaw, Donnie Butler, Kyle Vriska, Sarah Carel, Jeff Axelson, Abbie Ferguson,
Cody Hanson, Julia Remsik, Sophia Weinert

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